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Any foodservice establishment that introduces grease or oil into a wastewater system needs a grease trap to remove fats, oil and grease (FOG) and solids from wastewater.

Grease traps allow water to exit, while trapping the grease and solids so they do not enter the sewer line.

Grease Trap Clean & Degrease


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Enforcement of local environmental regulations for the treatment of wastewater are becoming increasingly stringent. Our restaurant grease trap cleaning and pumping service help you avoid costly plumbing problems and comply with these regulations and avoid costly fines.

Grease Trap Cleaning Service

Benefits of regular grease trap cleaning:

  • Prevention of roach and fly infestations
  • Minimize grease build-up and rancid odors
  • Prevent blockages that can result in sewage overflows
  • Minimize the potential for replacement and repair costs

Federal, state and local regulations require grease trap waste to be disposed of properly. Restaurateurs can also be liable for the damage caused by improper disposal of the waste, and may be subject to penalties and fines for illegal dumping and groundwater contamination when improperly clearing their own traps.

The Affordable Advantage...

At Affordable, our restaurant grease trap cleaning service is not just an “in and out” pumping of your grease trap. It includes a unique pest control and preventative maintenance service which includes scraping away hardened grease, degreasing around the trap, sink, drains and surrounding pipes. No other grease trap company will spend the time each and every visit degreasing to make sure the trap and surrounding areas in your kitchen are free of grease build up. This means your grease trap will last longer and have a much lower chance of having unpleasant odors or pest problems. This is invaluable to prevent the occurance of pest infestations and keeping the area surrounding your grease trap free of excessive grease and grime build up.

Affordable Serv offers cost effective pump out services at scheduled intervals that meet your businesses needs and ensure local compliance. Our grease trap cleaning, pump out and discharge record keeping provides a detailed history of your grease trap service, so you always have a record that disposal is being handled properly.

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